Monday COVID-19 numbers rise by 35 to 1897


By: Shelia Mader

Numbers from Florida Department of Health came in at 10:00 a.m., August 10, 2020 and show an increase to 1897 cases for Jackson County. Reports this morning show there are 15 non-residents. Jackson County’s total positivity rate remained steady at 15.7%, above the CDC preferred rate of 5%. There have been 9,675 negative tests out of 11,505 total tests administered with 13 inconclusive.  Reports show 18 negative tests for non-Florida residents with 15 positives. The death toll rose by one for a total of 38.  The recent death was an 86-year old female.  Jackson County long-term care facilities have reported 33 deaths, one from Pathways and one from DOC.

Total hospitalizations were listed as 101 although the total on 8/6/2020 was 101 with 25 presently hospitalized.  Long-term care has reported 268 positive cases. Corrections is showing a total of 920 inmate positives.  These are cumulative numbers and not currently active cases.

                                                                          PEDIATRIC CASES RISE

Total number of under 18 testing positive in Jackson County is 97, with 753 negative tests out of 850 total tests. This is an 11.4% positivity rate.

In the pediatrics reporting, Jackson County has 17 positive cases under the age of four. There were two new positive cases in the age 5-14 age group raising that total at 49. In ages 15-24, the number rose to a new positive total of 176. There have been no hospitalizations in any of these three categories.

These numbers are taken from Florida Department of Health (numerous subsites) and Florida Department of Corrections.


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