COVID update for Jackson County for 11/25/20 P.M.


By: Shelia Mader

Total number of cases for Jackson County were available only through November 24. The total for Jackson County is 3837 positive cases, an increase of 70 cases since 11/24/20 and 279 cases since 11/17/20.

There have been 89 deaths in Jackson County and 217 hospitalizations total. There are presently 27 in Jackson Hospital with nine on ventilators.

Percent positive for the week of November 15-22 is 9.47, down from previous reports.
At long-term care there have been a total of 502 cases (up seven since 11/24/20) with corrections at 1092 (an increase of one).

There have been 44 positive cases under four years of age, up three from 11/24/20. From ages 5-14, there have been 143 cases, an increase of three, and 430 cases in the 15-24 age range, up eight cases. There have been 674 positive cases in ages 25-34 (up eight) and 683 positives in ages 35-44 (up 12). In ages 45-54 there have been 623 cases (up nine) and from 55-64, there have been 511 positive cases (up 12). In ages 65-74, there have been 326 positive cases (up four) and 225 positives in ages 75-84 (an increase of eight). In the 85 and over age range, there have been 126 positive cases (up two).

The total number of positives for those under 18 is 295, up 3.

There are no numbers to report from the school systems with students and staff out until November 30 for Thanksgiving Break.


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