First appearances for Jackson County 11/25/20


Amilcar Sanchez: No valid driver’s license, hold for Immigration and Customs Enforcement: No bond, to go with ICE, 10 days in the county jail time served.

Lloyd Carter: Violation of injunction- $3,500 bond, arraignment set for January 13, violation of state probation warrant filed- no bond, request public defender.

Donald Batten: Expired driver’s license-more than six months: 60 days in the county jail with eight days’ time served and a $400 fine, recommended to public works.

Rhonnie Caldwell: Hold for Bay County, sentenced to pretrial intervention in felony court: Released on own recognizance Bay County, hold for 24 hours to call Bay County Clerk’s Office.

Christopher Chancey: Resist with violence- $5,000, felony battery-$5,000: $10,000 bond.

James Black: Battery domestic- $5,000 bond, criminal mischief- $201 to $999 damage- $5,000 bond, petit theft- value less than $750-$5,000 bond: Total bond- $15,000, previous bond revoked.

Angela Grantham: Failure to appear- driving while license suspended or revoked: 11 months and 29 days probation, $400 fine, obtain a valid driver’s license, do not operate a vehicle without.

Gary Thomas: Driving under the influence and property damage- 11 months and 29 days probation, $1,078 fine, reserve on restitution, driving under the influence program, recommended minimum drivers license, substance abuse counseling- 12 Alcoholics Anonymous meetings or complete program.


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