Smith and Smith Jewelers closing after 28 years

    Smith and Smith are swarmed with customers during their going out of business sale.

    The saying ‘All good things must come to an end’ rings true with the recent news of Smith and Smith Jewelers closing their doors after 28 years. Smith and Smith has attended to whims, requests, special projects and the list goes on since opening their doors in 1995. Their store front and windows have adorned 4432 Lafayette Street season after season for window shoppers to enjoy.
    Their jewelry career began in 1976 in Marianna at Terry’s Fine Jewelry. That very year, Chuck Smith attended Ray Martin Jewelry Repair School. He received two certificates in jewelry repair and advanced jewelry repair. In 1984, he attended Holland School for Jewelers and received a certificate in Jewelry Casting and Manufacturing. He attended Swest Casting Jewelry Workshop in 1987.
    Cindy Smith graduated from the University of Florida with a BA degree in business in 1980. She received her Diamond Grading Certificate from Gemological Institute of American in 1985 and became a Registered Jeweler with American Gem Society in 1987.
    They relocated to Gainesville where they both worked for Kelly Fine Jewelry. Before returning to Marianna, they made a stop in Gastonia, North Carolina where they worked for Douglas R. Harris.
    They have specialized in unique, one-of-a-kind pieces made from hand-carved wax and in recent years by CAD design. Their work has always been focused on quality in workmanship and stone quality. The CAD system allowed them to offer their customers the most up-to-date selections available. Customers could provide a photo and a masterpiece would be in the making. They had the opportunity to select their choice of metals, metal thickness, stones, stone shapes, and settings with a preview of the finished product before committing to purchase it.
    The Smiths said a design that stands out in their minds is a bream pendant, “We had a request to make a bream pendant for a retiring lady who loved to fish. The customer needed it in two weeks and Chuck did not have time to carve a wax design. So, we caught a tiny bream in our pond, froze it, made a mold and cast it in 14k gold. It was well loved.”
    A redesign that is well remembered came from North Carolina, “We had a friend and customer in North Carolina who loved jewelry. We made several outstanding pieces for him, large rings in diamonds emeralds and rubies. He was a very accomplished organist and loved to wear large, jeweled crosses when he played. We redid several pieces from his gold and stones as his ideas and desires changed. It was always fun.”
    Cindy Smith said in closing, “They say you can’t come home but we did and were warmly received by all. We were glad to raise our children near family and friends. What we take with us from all our wonderful experiences is a large group of customers who became great friends.”


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