Patricia Linton Burnett


“Some of it’s magic, some of it’s tragic, but I had a good life all the way”- Jimmy Buffett.

An apt description for the life of Patricia Linton Burnett, who died peacefully in her sleep on the evening of her 92nd birthday at her long-time home on South Main Street in Chattahoochee, Florida. She was born in River Junction a short distance and 92 years and several hours earlier.

The first of three daughters born to Jessie Lee and Paxton Linton, Pat was joined by sisters Mike and Charlotte, both now deceased, and by all accounts the three Linton girls were adventurous and forces of nature. Pat married George L. Burnett, known as Buster, and continued to live a life of adventure. Along the way they raised and cared for numerous children, loved, and adored grandchildren and great-grandchildren. The first of their children was Antonia Rodriguez, currently a resident of Texas. Among the many other direct and indirect offspring are Anthony Burnett, Stephanie Shaw, and Betsy Shaw. But this is Pat’s obituary…

It can be accurately said that Pat Burnett was an aviation pioneer. She learned to fly in the 1950’s and, as a female aviatrix, was unique as a pilot. She participated in cross country races, known as “Powder Puff Derbies” because all the pilots were women. She flew such a race that ended in Cuba. In addition to all the fun flying, she supported her husband Buster as he became a professional pilot who specialized in agricultural flying. This often meant going to get him after he had landed in a farmer’s tree or driving another pilot to a location to pick up a plane. These activities took her and Buster to various parts of the country and different parts of the world including Nicaragua, Gillette, WY, and Guam, but Chattahoochee was always home. Along the way she met many wonderful people and made life-long friends and enriched her life and theirs, including several years of service as a substitute teacher.

Pat was a devoted member of the Episcopal Church and often served as a lay Reader at St. Mark’s in Chattahoochee. She attended St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Quincy until the end of her life and often remarked about how much comfort she found in the practice of her religion.

In the days preceding her passing, Pat was busy preparing to travel to Taos, New Mexico for an extended stay with her nephew and his wife. On her birthday she shopped for last minute items, attended to various arrangements for the trip and returned home with her nephew and niece to eat one of her favorite meals from a local restaurant. When that meal was finished, she went to take a nap because she had had a long day. She hugged her kin and enthusiastically said, “I’ve had a wonderful day! Thank you, I love you.” Ninety-two years and a for hours of an interesting, tragic, magic life. Well lived, well done Patricia.

Memorial activities have not been finalized, but the family has asked that people not come by her home due to COVID-19 pandemic.

McAlpin Funeral Home is in charge of the arrangements.


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