Jackson County Sheriff’s Office warns of phone scam


There is a new phone scam in the county and it has residents concerned about their elder relatives. Sheriff Lou Roberts is alerting residents to this scam and asking everyone to pass the word along to their friends and neighbors, “If you have read about this, heard it on the radio or television, tell your family and neighbors. We have such a busy lifestyle, everyone doesn’t watch t.v., read the paper or listen to the radio and it could have slipped past them. Our elderly are the ones who are at the biggest risk and we need to protect them.”
According to the news release issued by JCSO, someone is identifying himself as a member of JCSO and contacting residents by phone, telling them that they will be arrested in their home for “failure to comply with certain legal obligations” if they do not give the caller access to a pre-paid card.
Jackson County Sheriff Lou Roberts wants to make sure all residents understand that the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office or any Law Enforcement agency would never request or demand money over the phone in exchange for not being arrested.
The Sheriff’s Office stresses to everyone that they should never give out personal information over the phone or through email.
If you receive a call, you may call the sheriff’s office and relay the number if you have it and the information they requested.


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