1. At the Special meeting of Jackson County Commisssioners on January 16,2024 the Commission discussed changing Property Restrictions for Compass Lake in the Hills. Since 1984 restrictions have been in place. The (No Mobile Homes allowed)restriction could be repealed by the Commission.
    Over 6,500 property/home owners will be affected by any changes. The aprox: 500 Home owners and aprox: 6,000 land owners could be adversely impacted. Most Home Owners are aware of the issue ( mailings to home address)however property owners may not have been informed.
    Please report as much information as possible to better inform property owners of the potential upcoming vote to repeal current property restrictions.
    Stop the Commission from developing a 10,000 acre Mobile Home community in Jackson County.
    Thank you

  2. On February 27,2024 at 4 pm the Jackson County Commissioners will consider changing current property restrictions in Compass Lake in the Hills. The Commission is considering allowing double wide trailers in our community.
    Please share with your readers of this important meeting. Keep our current restrictions without modification to allow double wides. Do not allow Jackson County to develope a 10,000 acre trailer park in Compass Lake in the Hills.
    Thank you


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