First appearances for Jackson County 8/31/20


Cynthia Lacayo: False report of felony to law enforcement officer- $2,500, misuse of 911- $2,500: Total bond- $5,000.

Luetta Deal: Grand theft auto- $5,000, operating a motor vehicle without a license- $2,500, on probation in Calhoun County: Total bond- $7,500, no bond for 10 days for Calhoun County to file warrant.

Macey Angerbrandt: Driving under the influence- $3,500 bond, resisting officer without violence- $1,500 bond: Total bond: $5,000.

Reynaldo Simon: Disorderly intoxication- $2,500 bond.

Victor Duvall: Failure to appear- cyber stalking, violation of state probation: No bond, has to be seen by different judge.

David Swieca: Theft, violation of state probation (Bay County): 30 days in county jail with four days’ time served and $370 fine, reserve on restitution.

John Barfield: Three counts of lewd and lascivious battery- $45,000, lewd and lascivious conduct- $15,000, lewd and lascivious exhibition- $15,000, manufacture of child pornography- $15,000, unlawful use of a two-way device- $5,000, contributing to a minor- $2,500, hold for Holmes County- no bond: Total bond- $97,500, no contact with victim.

Dennis Lee: Possession of a controlled substance- $5,000 bond.

Zachary Hatfield: Battery by strangulation- $5,000 bond.

Keith Perkins: Battery on law enforcement officer- $7,500 bond.

Michael Caughlin: Driving under the influence with property damage- $2,500, leaving the scene of accident- $1,500, refusal to submit breath test- $1,000: Total bond: $5,000.

Brittnee Cumbie: Possession of controlled substance- $5,000

James Thornton: Failure to return rental property- $3,500.

Raphiel Perez: Hold for Osceola County: Judge Peel to review case for possible resolution.

Timothy Hall: Hold for Broward County: 30-day bond review, bring up September 3.


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