Paul Lee Albert Smith


Paul Lee Albert Smith of Malone, FL, better known as the pink man or fish man,  passed away Thursday, May 23, 2019 in the comfort of his own home. He was a long time resident of Jackson County. He enjoyed fishing, and farming in his down time. He also worked the Marianna Farmers Market for 30 plus years. Paul loved his family and friends more than anything. 

Paul is survived by his loving wife of 53 years Darlene. His 2 biological children Paul (Tuffy) Smith (Tammy) and Sherri Dominy, both of Marianna, FL.  He is also survived by two adopted grandchildren Barbara Smith Of Marianna, and Brandye McCollum of Panama City, FL, & grandson and granddaughter Dakota Sheridan Smith & Marcus Powell of Marianna, Fl and 3 great-grandchildren-Dawson Parker Smith, Kylee Kayde Register, and Tanna Ryliegh