Parker Spence is King of basketball

Mark Skinner | TIMES - Parker Spences enters the gym flanked by fans.

Parker Spence and basketball go together like peas and butterbeans, hot dogs and apple pie and the list goes on. Chances are if you see Parker anywhere near a basketball goal, he’s armed with a basketball and shooting away.
The news made it to Parker in record time that the Harlem Globetrotters would be coming to town and Dr. Steven and Jennifer Spence knew there was no way Parker would accept not being front and center for the event.
To get game ready, Parker utilized his time in physical education this year at Marianna High to prepare for his attendance at the Globetrotters game. Each day, he entered the gym with an NBA quality announcer (Coach Bobby Hughes) letting those present know “6’ 4” Parker Spence is taking the court!” He not only practiced his regular style shooting but threw in some Globetrotter moves so he would be ready when they made their way to Chipola College.
Spence did not receive any offers to join the Globetrotters while they were here performing but there’s always the chance following his graduation in the spring from MHS that he may receive an offer. If not, he will continue to delight his fans in Jackson County with his basketball skills.


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