Jackson County Recycling makes changes in drop-off locations


    Numerous calls and visits to the TIMES from our readers about the status of recycling pickup and/or drop-off in Jackson County over the last several days prompted contact with the Jackson County Administrator Wilanne Daniels.  Daniels referred us to Kristi Cloud, Point of Information.

    Kristi Cloud sent the following concerning Jackson County Parks and Recycling’s latest schedule:

    “There have been discussions back and forth about how to address recycling for a couple of weeks now.

    The municipalities have been contacted and asked to assist with recycling by being responsible for monitoring the recycling trailers that were in their area and hauling the trailers to the recycling warehouse. Municipalities were given the option of participating in this manner and the trailers would have been available in their areas.

    To start with the municipalities listed in the Facebook post you listed below all said they wanted to participate and trailers were in their town/city. Over the course of this week, they have all decided against participating. In the last few days, the trailers have been hauled back to the warehouse.

    In order to try to still offer a recycling point, the department has placed a recycling trailer on the north end of the recycling office, located at 3530 Wiley Drive. This trailer will be available all hours for recyclable materials such as cardboard, paper, and plastic. The trailer is under video surveillance and illegal dumping is strictly prohibited. When the recycling trailers were stationed throughout the county, one constant issue was that of people leaving household garbage, trash, household items, and other unrecyclable material, which of course hindered the program in general.”


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