First appearances for Jackson County 9/8/20


William Axtman: Failure to appear- no valid driver’s license: Six months’ probation and a $400 fine, if has a valid driver’s license fine will be reduced to $300.

Kimberly Taylor: Driving under the influence: Plea to less than .15, 11 months and 29 days probation, $1,078 fine, DUI school, substance abuse counseling, 50 hours public service work, six months recommended minimum driver’s license.

Trey Rivera: Failure to appear- no valid driver’s license: 10 days in county jail with two days’ time served and a $400 fine, reduced to a civil judgement.

Brittney Dils: Hold for Osceola County: Bring back September 11 for first appearance.

Danielle Toy: Stalking: $1,000 bond, no contact with victim or business,

James Thornton Jr.: Violation of state probation- No bond, hold for Calhoun County- $3,500 bond: Request public defender.

Devon Sherrod: Burglary of an unoccupied structure- $5,000, two counts of theft- $5,000: Total bond- $10,000, no contact with victim.

Eric Jordan Jr. Failure to appear- providing false information during purchase of a firearm- no bond, failure to appear- trafficking methamphetamine- no bond.

Carlos Pittman: Driving under the influence: $2,500 bond, pretrial set for October 19, request public defender.

Dennis Smith: Drive on permanently revoked driver’s license: $2,500 bond


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