First appearances for Jackson County 7/22/20


Christopher Benefield: Failure to appear- driving while license suspended or revoked second offense: 11 months and 29 days of probation, $400 fine, obtain valid drivers license, do not operate without license.

Victor Weartherington: Violation of county probation: revoke probation, 90 days in the county jail with eight days times served and a $370 fine, recommend to public works.

Deondras Kenner: Bench trial: status check set for August 12.

Michael Smith: Violation of state probation: No bond, request public defender.

Adolfo Maldonado: Failure to appear- operating a commercial motor vehicle with license suspended or revoked: plea to driving while license suspended or revoked, 10 days in county jail with six days’ time served and a $400 fine, may purge.

Gary Wiley: Lewd and lascivious: $25,000 bond, no contact with victim

Ernest Wambles: Petit theft first degree- more than $100 but less than $300: $250 cash bond only or conditional release, no contact with victim.

Josh Patrick: Failure to appear: driving while license suspended or revoked, paraphernalia, no motor vehicle registration: $5,000 bond or conditional release.

Gary Basford: Violation of state probation: $250 cash only bond, request public defender, pretrial set for August 17.

Jean Littles: Resisting arrest without violence, hold for Washington County: No bond, 90 days in county jail with two days’ time served and a $370 fine.


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