First appearances for Jackson County 6/16/20


Eric Birge: Hold for Manatee County, Transport cancelled, has been held for 14 days: Bring back Friday to see if Manatee County can make a plea offer.

Dustin Cobb: Hold for Calhoun County: no bond.

Tammy Tyus: Violation of state probation: $200 cash only bond, request public defender.

Dalvin Barnes: Violation of conditional release- possession of marijuana with intent to sell: $500 cash only bond.

Deondras Kenner: Battery domestic- $5,000 bond, Violation of conditional release- no bond: Set for July jail arraignment.

Brandi Murdock: Criminal mischief, Two counts of burglary of a structure with battery: $32,500 bond, no contact with victims, do not possess or consume alcohol.


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