First appearances for Jackson County 12/09/20


Joshua Tappen: Child abuse- $10,000, felony battery – $10,000: Total bond- $20,000, request public defender.

William Goodson: Possession of marijuana- already appeared, possession of controlled substance- already appeared, possession of controlled substance- $5,000 bond, request public defender.

Brandon Johnson: Possession of cocaine- $2,500 bond: Conditional release.

Sazonna Blount: Fleeing/attempting to elude law enforcement officer- $15,000 bond, hold for Washington County for 10 days for violation of probation to be filed.

Brysun Patrick: Possession of controlled substance under 20 grams- $2,500, tampering with evidence- $5,000: Conditional release.

Ashley Barkley: Possession of cocaine- $5,000, possession of marijuana less than 20 grams- $2,500, possession of drug paraphernalia- $2,500: Conditional release.

Isaiah Booker: Two counts of shoot/throw missile into dwelling/ vehicle/ building- $50,000, three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon- $30,000, violation of state probation, discharge firearm in public- $2,500, possession of firearm/concealed weapon by felon-$25,000: Total bond $107,500, 10 day hold for violation of state probation to be filed.

Aceain Nicholson: Possession of cocaine-$2,500: If passes drug test give conditional release or bond, if fails bring back December 10 for first appearance, on county probation.


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