First appearances for Jackson County 01/20/21


Glen Jackson: Five counts of burglary of structure- $25,000 bond, three counts of grand theft- $15,000 bond, grand theft of a firearm- $5,000 bond, felony criminal mischief- $5,000 bond, two counts of petit theft- $5,000 bond: Total bond- $55,000, no contact with victims or storage facilities, request public defender.

Bud Clark: Burglary of a dwelling- $1,500 bond, grand theft- $500 bond, petit theft- $250 bond: Total bond- $2,250 cash only bond, no contact with victim or property, request public defender.

Precious Thornton: Aggravated battery- $25,000 bond, tampering with a witness- $10,000 bond, criminal mischief under $200- $5,000 bond: Previous bond revoked, Total bond- $40,000, no contact with victim, jail arraignment set for February 10.

Sandy Gonzalez- Gonzalez: No valid driver’s license: $400 cash only bond, bring back January 21 if bond not posted.


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