First appearances for Jackson County 01/19/21


Charles Nowell: Possession of methamphetamine- $5,000 bond, possession of drug paraphernalia- $2,500 bond, resisting an officer without violence- no probable cause, hold for Holmes County: $7,500 bond on new charges, no bond on Holmes County.

Jan Capps: Violation of state probation- no bond, driving while license suspended or revoked knowingly- $500, violation of state probation court date set for February 9.

Jarrien Dudley: Violation of state probation- No bond/10-day hold, $125,000 bond on previous charges.

Jerrell Potter: Battery domestic violence by strangulation- $5,000 bond, threats to public official- $5,000 bond.

Savannah Botello: Operating motor vehicle without license- $500 bond, failure to register motor vehicle- $500 bond, possession of methamphetamine- $5,000 bond, possession of drug paraphernalia- $1,000 bond.

Skyler Anderson: Aggravated assault without intent to kill- $5,000 bond, burglary of unoccupied structure- $5,000 bond.

Erica Cobb: Driving under the influence- $1,000 bond.

Terra Lowery: Hold for Leon County- $1,000 bond.

Keiona Pollock: Aggravated assault- $5,000 bond, armed burglary of structure or conveyance- $15,000 bond, criminal mischief- $1,000


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