1st APPEARANCE – May 6, 2020


• Allen Walker: battery domestic violence – $5,000; violation of state probation (Jackson County) – $5,000 bond, no contact with victim, hold for 10 days to see if they file a violation of probation
• Christopher Johnson: battery domestic violence – $2,500 bond, not contact with victim
• Derrick Harrell: hold for Wakula County – $2,000 bond on Wakula county
• Cortnee Howard: possession of synthetic marijuana – $5,000 bond, no contact with person who was in vehicle at time of stop
• Katrina Sides: hold for Washington County – no bond
• Alana Williams: child abuse – $5,000 conditional release
• Juwon Johnson: hold for Washington County – $4,000 purge
• Kevin Pelham: hold for Geneva County violation of state probation, conditional release on local charges, battery resist arrest without violence – let out on conditional release today
• Roshawn Pringly: hold for Calhoun County – let out on conditional release today


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