1st APPEARANCE – May 27, 2021


1st APPEARANCE – May 27, 2021
• Gerone Gray: Failure to appear(No motor vehicle registration) – JCSO
• Joseph Cogburn: Resisting without violence, non child support, failure to appear(Poss. of Methamphetamine, Resist without violence, Tampering With Evidence), non child support($3000 purge). No Bond on failure to appear, 6 months county jail(2 days served) + $370
• Cole Tipton: Violation of county probation(DUI). Admit violation, 60 months county jail(4 days served) +$160
• Ralph Bates: Improper Exhibit Firearm Or Dangerous Weapon. $2,500 bond. No contact with victim, do not possess any firearms.
• Fredrick Reed: Aggravated stalking, Indecent exposure, battery. $17,500 bond, no contact with victim, wants public defender.
• Jesica Nelson: Introduction of Contraband To Whit: Written Communication (X’s 2), Unlawful Use of A Two-Way Communication Device (X’s 2), Interference with Prisoners (X’s2). $12,000 bond.
• Christopher Showman: False Imprisonment, Assault. $15,000 bond, no contact with victim
• Kenneth Park: Hold for Escambia County. No bond


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