1st APPEARANCE – January 24/25/26, 2020


• Joshua Delgado, Possession of alcohol by person under 21 years of age $2500 bond
• Freddie Jones, Violation of state probation, modify bond to $1000 cash only bond
• Byran Thomason, Violation of Conditional Release, Failure to appear, driving while license suspended/revoked, 6 months County jail, + $400, CTS 3 days , recommend public works
• Jonathan Shipes, Sexual predator living within 1000 feet of public playground, Conditional release, comply with sexual offender registration rules, do not go back to this address unless approved
• Lamairous Powell, Grand theft auto, violation of state probation, $5,000 bond no bond – see again Tuesday
• Gregory Jones, possession of methamphetamine, violation of state probation, granted furlough for 6:30-3 February 12
• Joshua Miller, Hold for Calhoun County, $2,000 purge
• WIlliam Nichols, Grand Theft auto, hold for Gadsden, Leon Counties, Burglary, resist arrest without violence $7500, no bond, no bond, NPC, $2,500
• Alvin Clark, Intro of contraband into a correctional institute 6 counts $5,000 each, possession of controlled substance w/intent to distribute, 4 counts $15,000 X 3, $5,000 bond X 1, total bond $80,000
• Mareo Davis, Possession of controlled substance with intent to distribute, synthetic cannidoid, cocaine, heroin, buprenorphine, marijuana, into a state correctional institute, $155,000 total bond
• Kimberly Hatcher, possession of drug para, operating a drug house, $1,000, $5,000 total $6,000
• Gregory Hunt, hold for Liberty County, No bond
• Amos Rogers, Sale or delivery of meth, possession of crack cocaine, operating a drug house, felon in possession of firearm (2), possession of drug paraphernalia, driving while license suspended/revoked, Felon in possession of ammunition, $128,500 total bond
• Tyler Neel, Failure to appear, hold for Bay County Rec’d no bond on 11/6/19 $1,500 Purge
• Ricky Ricks No valid driver’s license conditional release 1/26/2020 6 months probation, $400.00
• Christopher Finch, driving while license suspended/revoked, $500 bond, posted cash bond 1/26/2020 6 months probation, $400, use cash bond for fines
• Joshua Crawford, Possession of Drug paraphernalia, Conditional release 1/26/2020 6 months
• Stacey Crawford, possession of drug paraphernalia Conditional release
• Robert Johnson, aggravated assault conditional release


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