1st APPEARANCE for May 26, 2022


Albert Brincefield: Breach of peace- $5,000 bond on new charge, hold for 10 days for violation of probation to be filed.

Lamar Washington: Retail theft- $2,500 bond, resisting officer without violence- $2,500 bond: Total bond $5,000 bond, bring back May 27.

Anastasia Gilley: Battery domestic violence- Conditional release, no contact with victim, mental health evaluation to be scheduled within 30 days, given notice to appear for July 5 arraignment to conditional release officer.

Chasen Pittman: Aggravated battery domestic violence- $25,000 bond, battery on person 65 or older- $10,000 bond, criminal mischief- $5,000 bond, threats to law enforcement- $5,000 bond, resisting officer with violence- $10,000 bond: Total bond $55,000.

Rodell Pete: Trespassing other structure or conveyance and resisting officer without violence- sentenced to nine months in the county jail that will be served in Promiseland, petit theft- nine months in the county jail that will be served concurrently in Promiseland, $370 fine, $368 restitution civil judgment, recommended to public works.


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