1st APPEARANCE for January 23, 2023


Jason Prather: Driving under the influence, leaving the scene of a crash involving damage to property, giving false information or reports to police: $750 cash bond.

Gina Prevatt: Possession of drug paraphernalia- $2,500 bond.

Levi Croft: Expired drivers license- $400 within 60 days or 10 days in jail.

Rudy Caretto: Resisting without violence- Conditional release.

Andrea Lewis: Resisting with violence, battery on law enforcement officer: $5,000 bond.

Carlos Gomez-Perdomo: Driving while license suspended or revoked, drivers license expired for more than six months: Sentenced to 10 days in jail with four days’ time served and a $400 purge.

Oma McCrae: Trafficking in illegal substance- $100,000 bond, trafficking in para-fluorofentanyl- $100,000 bond.

Krystal Cloud: Possession of paraphernalia- $1,000 bond, possession of controlled substances without prescription- $5,000 bond, fugitive from justice United States Marshalls- no bond.

Dustin Bateman: Driving while license suspended or revoked habitual- $3,000 bond, failure to register motor vehicle- $500 bond, obstruction without violence- $1,500 bond.


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