Stephan Artenchuck


Stephan Artenchuck was born on May 17, 1953, in Manhattan, New York. He is survived by his sister, Ms. Jacqueline Kozloski from Palmyra, New Jersey and a brother, Mr. Anthony Kozloski, Jr., who lives in Tennessee. Stephan’s mother, Ms. Mary Kozloski served as his Legal Guardian from 1993 until her death and then Ms. Jacqueline Kozloski became his Guardian Advocate in July 2009 and served in that capacity until his death. 

Stephan lived in numerous facilities during his life and moved to the Johnson House at Sunland-Marianna on March 3, 2010, coming from the Gulf Coast Center in Ft. Myers, Florida. Then on April 28, 2016, he was transferred from the Johnson House at Sunland to the Adams House where he resided until his health needs dictated him to be transferred to Sunland’s Unit 3 Connolly Manor on November 8, 2023. He was soon admitted to the Specialty Select Facility in Panama City, Florida where he later died on January 1, 2024, at the age of 70. 

Stephan ambulated independently and was a “watcher of people”, loving to just sit and observe others around him. He was friendly and easy going but did have a streak of mischievousness about him when he would see nobody was looking and would sneak around to find some snacks, especially soft drinks and juices.  He could speak some but usually only with short phrases along with gestures to communicate effectively. He had no problem understanding conversations and would usually look people in the eye and listen.

He enjoyed listening to music and sitting outside on the porch. He loved to go off campus at Sunland to shop and especially, to eat at local restaurants. He enjoyed attending activities and dances. He did get along well with his peers and with staff and did have a few favorite staff that he seemed to enjoy more than others. But for the most part he was a bit of a loner. 

Over the past year, Stephan’s health issues were very difficult and eventually led to his passing. He was loved by his sister and family and by his Sunland family.

Graveside services will be 2:00 PM, Friday, February 2, 2024 at Riverside Cemetery with Greg Roberts officiating and James & Sikes Funeral Home Maddox Chapel directing.

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