JAIL Report for November 4-5, 2023


November 4, 2023

Alicia Waldron, 22, Grand Ridge, Florida: Possession of a schedule IV narcotic without a prescription: Jackson County Sheriff’s Office.

Gary Reed, 34, Grand Ridge, Florida: Possession of drug paraphernalia: Jackson County Sheriff’s Office.

Isaac Morgan, 45, Marianna, Florida: Nonchild support: Jackson County Sheriff’s Office.

Hermino Sanchez, 36, Marianna, Florida: Operating a motor vehicle without a valid license: Jackson County Sheriff’s Office.

Horatio Cinto, 26, Marianna, Florida: Hold for Hernando County, operating a motor vehicle without a valid license: Marianna Police Department.

November 5, 2023

Louis Turner, 34, Marianna, Florida: Violation of state probation: Marianna Police Department.

Thomas Miller, 30, Southport, Florida: Possession of drug paraphernalia, resisting an officer with violence: Jackson County Sheriff’s Office.

Jeffrey Parr, 57, Lakeland, Florida: Failure to appear for no valid driver’s license, possession of a controlled substance: Extradition.

Davonte Odom, 31, Americus, Georgia: Violation of state probation: Extradition.

There are a total of 200 inmates lodged in the Jackson County Jail.

This post is brought to you by Jeffrey O’Pry, Republican Candidate for Jackson County Sheriff.


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