First appearances for Jackson County 11/16/20


Timothy Lee- Kayser: Possession of meth: $5,000 bond.

Robert Kimbrel: Revoked bond- battery domestic violence- no information, revoked bond- resisting without violence- four months in the county jail with 29 days’ time served and a $370 fine, recommended to public works.

Trevor Garrett: Murder:  No bond.

Bryan Harris: Violation of state probation- possession of firearm by convicted felon: $250 cash only bond, request public defender.

Kenneth Tollar: Battery: Conditional release, no contact with victim.

David Kirkland: Hold for Washington County: No bond.

Isaiah Broxton: Unauthorized possession of another driver’s license: $1,000 bond, state attorney’s office asked for clarification on charge, bring back Tuesday.

Angie Moore: Trespass after warning: $5,000 bond, No contact with property.

Kenneth Moore: Burglary of a conveyance- $5,000, petit theft- $2,500, dealing in stolen property- $15,000, burglary of dwelling- $25,000, grand theft-$5,000, grand theft of a firearm- $5,000: Total bond $57,000, no contact with victims.

Timothy Parramore: Resisting arrest without violence- $500, disorderly conduct- $500: Total bond $1,000.

Richard Outlaw: Two counts of sale of meth- $70,000, trafficking in meth, trafficking in meth-$50,000, possession of drug paraphernalia-$1,000, operating a drug house- $50,000: Total bond- $171,000.

Sabrina Allen: Principal to sale of meth- $25,000, trafficking in meth- $50,000, possession of drug paraphernalia- $1,000, operating a drug house- $50,000, possession of ammunition by convicted felon- $10,000: Total bond $136,000.

Larry Sconieres: Violation of state probation- possession of meth: $250 cash bond.

Javante Speights: Possession of marijuana with intent to distribute- $35,000 bond, possession of a concealed weapon- $10,000 bond.


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