First appearances for Jackson County 10/20/20


Christopher Rowan: Failure to appear- trespass, petit theft-no information available, Trespass- four months in the county jail with 15 days’ time served, $370 fine, recommended to public works.

Johnny Clark: Violation of state probation: No bond, request public defender.

Garry Basford: Failure to appear- driving while license suspended or revoked: Plea to no valid driver’s license, 60 days in county jail with two days’ time served, $400 fine, no public works; failure to appear- violation of state probation- No bond, already arraigned.

Calvin Peterson: No valid driver’s license- no probable cause, neglect of a child- $5,000, possession of a firearm by a felon- $25,000, violation of injunction- no probable cause, aggravated assault- $10,000, kidnapping- $50,000, battery by strangulation- $5,000, grand theft- $5,000: $100,000 total bond, no contact with victim.

Kye Whittington: Violation of state probation: No bond, request public defender.

Gavin Phillips: Hold for Calhoun County: No bond.

Terrica Pittman: Simple battery- $2,500, resisting officer without violence- $2,500: $5,000 bond: no contact with victim.

Eddie Causey: Hold for Bay County, time served on battery case: $25,000 bond, Judge Mercer to contact presiding judge bring back Friday if not before.

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Donnie Edenfield, Republican for Sheriff of Jackson County


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