First appearances for Jackson County 10/12/20


William Herndon: Driving under the influence: $2,500 bond, do not possess or consume alcohol, notice to appear- November 2, 9 a.m.

Richard Hice: Failure to appear- driving while license suspended or revoked- $2,500 bond, no motorcycle endorsement-$2,500 bond, no motor vehicle registration-$2,500 bond: Total bond- $7,500

Sixto Villaman: Operating motor vehicle without license: $400 cash only bond.

Paul Bamberg: Driving while license suspended habitual- $1,000 bond, violation of state probation- $2,500 bond, do not drive on any public roads.

Marshall Singleton: Violation of state probation: request public defender.

Shannon Weatherington: Driving while license suspended or revoked, driving with expired license more than six months: Conditional release

Jason Hayes: Resisting officer without violence: Failure to appear on new charge, bond revoked.

Melvin Weeks: Possession of methamphetamine, possession of drug paraphernalia: Conditional release.

Michael Anderson: Driving while license suspended or revoked habitual: Conditional release.

Josie Johnson: Operating motor vehicle without license: Six months’ probation, $400 fine, do not operate vehicle without license, get driver’s license if eligible.

Jennifer Hanks: Battery on Law enforcement officer, resisting arrest with violence: Released to Emerald Coast.

Kayshondro Francis: Neglect of a child domestic violence: $1,500 bond.

Yusviel Alvarez: Aggravated assault with firearm- $5,000 bond, possession of firearm by convicted felon- $5,000 bond.


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