1st APPEARANCE – June 17, 2021


1st APPEARANCE – June 17, 2021• Samuel Whittington: Poss. of drug paraphernalia. $5000 bond• Justin Odom : Grand theft, criminal mischief, trespass. Hold for 24 hours for new charges to be filed. • Rodney Broxton: failure to appear( no valid drivers license ). 60 days county jail + $400. 5 days served. • Henry Shiver: Grand theft, Felony criminal mischief, trespass. Hold for 24 hours to file new charges. • Carol Berkshire: violation of state probation. No bond• John Welch: Violation of state probation. No bond wants public defender. • Michael Williams: Hold for Gadsden county $500 cash only bond• Jammie Eutsey: Battery domestic. $2500, conditional release(no contact with victim) • Joshua pate: Grand Theft more than $20,000 . $1500 cash only bond. No contact with victim


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