1st APPEARANCE for April 19, 2022


Douglas Terrell: Battery domestic- Conditional release, no contact with victim.

Willie Gray: Driving while license is suspended or revoked knowingly: $400 cash only bond, jail to give notice to appear May 2 at 9 a.m.

Leland Thomas: Violation of county probation- battery: No bond.

Dewight Thompson: Violation of county probation- no valid driver’s license: Admit violation of probation and revoke probation, 45 days in the county jail with 12 days’ time served and a $400 fine, not recommended to public works

Tamyra Pender: Petit theft: Pretrial intervention for one year, reserve on restitution, $370 fine, retail theft program, no contact with business.

Aaron Smolen: Violation of county probation- petit theft: No bond, jail arraignment May 11.

Dana Rathel: Fugitive from justice- Houston County, Alabama: Waived extradition.

Jarred Rhoten: Violation of state probation- no bond, hold for Dothan Police Department: Arraigned today, request public defender.

Peter Wirt: Aggravated assault on law enforcement officer with a deadly weapon- $5,000 bond.

Lance Peoples: Burglary of a structure- $1,000 bond, grand theft- $1,000 bond: Total bond $2,000 cash only, no contact with business.

Dolores People: Introduction of contraband into a county facility- food/clothing: One-year pretrial intervention, $370 fine, letter of apology to jail within 60 days.


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