1st APPEARANCE For January 16, 2024


Earnest Jett: Battery on correctional officer- $25,000 bond.

Chaddrick Jackson: Failure to appear- financial responsibility suspension driving while license suspended: Already sentenced to 10 days.

Mary Simmons: Violation of state probation- no bond, arraigned.

Nathan Barrentine: Battery domestic violence- $1,000 bond, violation of protective order- $20,000 bond: Bring back January 17 for amended complaint.

Rodell Pete: Violation of probation- no bond, resisting an officer without violence-sentenced to six months in jail.

Thomas Terry: Driving while license suspended or revoked knowingly- $5,000 bond, 10-day violation of state probation hold.

Cheyene Mills-Wright: Violation of county probation, failure to appear for knowingly driving while license suspended: Sentenced to 60 days in jail with four days’ time served.

Jimmy Weeks: Robbery by sudden snatching without weapon over 65 years of age- $7,500 bond, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon over 65 years of age- $7,500 bond, grand theft motor vehicle- $7,500 bond, possession of methamphetamine- $7,500 bond, possession of drug equipment- $2,500 bond, no valid driver’s license- sentenced to 60 days in jail with five days’ time served.

Dennis Williams: Assault domestic violence- $1,000 bond, no contact with alleged victim in case, bonded out.

Earl Creamer: Hold for Indian River County- no bond, return in 14 days if not picked up.

Jean Littles: Introduction of a controlled substance- $7,500 bond, no drugs or alcohol.

Karl Halling: Driving under the influence- conditional release.

Alana Barfield: Battery domestic violence- conditional release.

This post is brought to you by Chris Brannon, Republican Candidate for Jackson County Sheriff.


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