Merritt’s Mill Pond will be closed due to upgrading at Blue Springs

    Mark Skinner | TIMES

    For the last three years, Jackson County Parks and Recreation has attempted to acquire funding for repairs around the outer wall of Blue Springs. According to Public Works Director, Rett Daniels, the project will require a drawdown that will start November 12 and it is scheduled to last a minimum of one month but the length of time has lots of determinants that can play into the time of conclusion. The total level of the pond will be lowered a maximum of six feet.
    Daniels said one of the bigger factors could be the archeological findings (if any) that may halt any construction in the area, “If we get into something that turns up an arrowhead, a piece of pottery or any other artifacts, the entire project can be held up for a more defined dig. That’s really why the duration of the draw down can’t be definite at this point.”
    As far as how Hunter Fish Camp boat ramp, as well as Florida Caverns RV Resort at Merritt’s Mill Pond and other boat landings are affected, Daniels said, “All the boat ramps will be inaccessible. The pond will basically be closed.
    Daniels said the money has been acquired through a grant with limited costs to the county which is a savings of over $700,000. It will add safety to Blue Springs Park with all the washouts, holes, missing blocks, as well as divert storm water away from the spring discharge. He concluded that this work will greatly enhance not only the beauty of Blue Springs next season but the safety and sustainability of it as well. It is advised by Daniels that all property owners remove any vessels docked in the water and begin preparing for their own reconstruction of damaged docks and infrastructure.



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