Wednesday COVID-19 numbers skyrocket 102 positive cases 1745


By: Shelia Mader

Numbers from Florida Department of Health came in at 10:00 a.m., August 05, 2020 and continue to show Jackson County numbers increasing with 102 new cases reported. Positive cases rose to 1745 up from 1643 Tuesday. Reports this morning show there are 015 non-residents. Jackson County’s total positivity rate remained steady at 15.7%, well above the CDC acceptable rate. There have been 8,846 negative tests, nine inconclusive tests. Reports show 18 negative tests for non-Florida residents with 15 positives. The death total rose by two for a total of 35. The two recent deaths were a 99-year old male on 7/22/2020 and a 64-year old male on 7/18/2020.

Total hospitalizations were up by two to 99 with 25 presently hospitalized. Long-term care has reported 260 positive cases. Corrections is showing a total of 834 inmate positives.


Total number of under 18 testing positive in Jackson County is 94, up one with 708 negative tests out of 802 total tests. This is an 11.7% positivity rate.

In the pediatrics reporting, one new positive case under the age of four, bringing that total to 16. There were no new positive cases in the age 5-14 age group leaving that total at 47. In ages 15-24, the number rose by six for a new positive total of 168. Doing the math, that would give Jackson County 31 positive cases with ages 15-17. There have been no hospitalizations in any of these three categories.

Positive counts by zip codes are as follows: 32420 (Alford) 37; 32423 (Bascom) 12; 32426 (Campbellton to include Jacob) 20; 32431 (Cottondale, includes Alford also) 79; 32440 (Graceville) 687; 32442 (Grand Ridge) 47; 32443 (Greenwood) 79; 32445 (Malone) 32; 32446 (Marianna) 348; 32448 (Marianna) 166; 32460 (Sneads) 216. The zip codes total 1723, 22 shy of the county total of 1745. These numbers are taken from Florida Department of Health (numerous subsites) and Florida Department of Corrections. Numbers by city/zip code do change, drop, add due to further research putting someone in Marianna rather than Greenwood or vice versa. The total positive count is correct each day as is the total death count is correct. I am still working to obtain more information on the 18 and under cases (day care, at home, camp, sporting events) and the protocol for day care closings/quarantine factors if they have a positive case or cases.


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