The Jackson County Board of County Commissioners issued the following advisory in reference to hurricane season.


Hurricane Season amidst COVID-19

KNOW YOUR ZONE; KNOW YOUR HOME – 2020 Hurricane Season

The greatest threat to life from a hurricane is storm surge flooding, so anyone in an ordered evacuation zone, low-lying flood area, or in a mobile home, must evacuate if ordered. On the other hand, if someone is not in an ordered evacuation zone, low-lying flood prone area, mobile home or unsafe structure, it may be safer to shelter at home to avoid possible COVID-19 exposure.
Jackson County, FL currently is not classified as an evacuation zone; however, there are low lying areas that are prone to flooding. See current evacuation zones by following the link below.
In addition to knowing if your home is in an evacuation zone, also consider the strength of your home. Generally, homes built after 2002 include features that make them more resilient to hurricanes. There are also improvements you can make to your home to strengthen it against future storms. Know your home and learn more by visiting


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