Sylvia Stephens will not seek re-election in 2020

    Mark Skinner | TIMES

    Sylvia Stephens was first elected as Jackson County Supervisor of Elections in 1988, taking office in January of 1989. This is her 30th year and in a press conference Monday, August 26, Stephens announced she would not be seeking another term in 2020. In 30 years, Stephens has had opposition only once in 1992, which speaks volumes for the job she has done.
    Stephens has consistently kept the office up to date with the latest in voting technology with her office remaining above the curve.
    Stephens said, “It’s bittersweet for sure after serving 31 years. I have enjoyed my job, my career, my workers, the voters, the candidates and the media, all of you. They have been absolutely supportive through all the years. The media has been great. It has truly been an honor to have been elected by and to serve the citizens of Jackson County, Florida, for over 30 years. The support over the years fills me with appreciation, thankfulness, and gratitude. So although it’s bittersweet, I do look forward to spending more time with my family, especially my grandchildren, going to have another one in October so that’ll be 12 and just relaxing at home. I have been very blessed and I am so humbled by the experience that the people of Jackson County gave me when they voted for me. I am so blessed that 30 years ago, with my husband Henry’s support and guidance, we talked about it and I got out and worked hard and I felt like I could learn and I did. Through the help of the Division of Elections and other supervisors helping us through the years until Vickie came on in 1990. Neither of us had ever been through an election and worked an election but we did it and it turned out all right. In 1990, when I started, there were two electric typewriters, one adding machine, two rotary phones, and we had one telephone line. That was it. Everything had to be written down by hand, we had to type the applications with carbon and type the voter cards. That then had to be taken to the college for teachers and students to type the lists. But, they have kept me in here and trusted me and my staff and poll workers with the work that we have done.” Stephens gives much credit to Vickie for bringing computers to the office. She says she is confident she will miss her work, her awesome employees, and the public she meets every day, meeting the new candidates and media during each election cycle.
    Since she was elected, her co-workers say Stephens has served the Jackson County community with pride and integrity.​
    Stephens says she is blessed to have been able to serve but knows in her heart that it is time for someone new to take over.​
    Once the news hit the streets and social media, Facebook was flooded with comments of congratulations and gratitude for the work Syvia Stephens has done since 1989 .
    Stephens will be retiring at the end of 2020.​ She says she looks forward to spending time with her grandchildren and travelling.


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