Stephen Wayne Brown


Stephen Wayne Brown passed away Wednesday, March 1, 2023 at 4:20 PM at his home in Greenwood, Florida. Stephen was born October 2, 1990, in Tallahassee memorial via emergency c-section to Andres & Patsy Guzman. Stephen was born paralyzed from the waist down, on top of being a waterhead baby, but disabilities didn’t detour him on anything. Stephen was part of Special Olympics and won a trophy for bowling. He loved hunting, listening to music, and of course his favorite pastime was flirting with pretty girls, getting blazed, and hanging with family and friends.

Stephen is survived by his mother and father, Andres and Patsy Guzman of Greenwood; his brother, Danny Sansom and wife, Denice, and their seven great nieces and nephews of Hosford; his sisters, Laura Yon and her two kids of Blountstown, Jessica Simmons and four nieces and nephews and one great-niece, Victoria and husband, Anthony McClure of Fountain and their four daughters; brother, Ventura Brown and his wife, Kayla Eddy of Altha, along with their four children, and one niece; younger brother, David Trey of Bristol; his uncle, Wayne Brown and wife, Nikki of Tallahassee; cousins, Ardonna Gann and family, and Deedee Drowr and family of Tallahassee.


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