St. Luke’s Episcopal Church gets much needed attention

    Mark Skinner | TIMES

    They are certainly not alone, but the parishioners of St. Luke’s arrived Sunday to a pleasant sight for sure. St. Luke’s was the recipient of the generosity of another Episcopal Church.
    Saturday, 40 members from Christ the King Episcopal Church in Santa Rosa Beach converged on the graveyard at St. Luke’s with chain saws, cutters, rakes, hoes, and all the tools necessary to make a difference. The group was equipped with young and old alike with the teenagers having the ‘fun’ assignment of climbing the very large cedar tree. According to St. Luke’s parishioner Margaret Breland Watkins, that was a task the older generation gladly relinquished to the youngsters in the
    They were fed lunch by St. Luke’s chefs Les and Pat Furr who are known to everyone for their willingness to feed any size crowd. After a day of working clearing fallen trees, limbs, uprighting what could be uprighted, and general cleaning of the graves and graveyard, the Men’s Breakfast Club of Christ the King Church presented St. Luke’s with a $2,000 check to aide with repair of damaged headstones and fencing inside the graveyard.
    Once again, Jackson County has been the recipient of unending and untiring efforts from awesome folks near and far, with those parishioners driving two hours one way to help out a fellow


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