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Phone scams reported


The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office has received several complaints of area scams affecting local residents. The first scam is a telephone scam where the caller calls local residents and acts as a Deputy with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office informing them of a warrant for their arrest. The phone number calling shows up on caller ID as the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office but the number has been spoofed. The caller tells the victim to go obtain gift cards (Visa, etc.) in the amount of $3000 to $5000 in lieu of the warrant being served on them and to avoid being taken to jail. The caller may also tell them they will need to make money deposits to accounts, which are in another part of the country.
The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, or any other law enforcement agency for that matter, will not call or contact you and tell you to go get gift cards in any amount or make money deposits in any account to avoid being arrested on a warrant. If you receive any type call such as this, please hang up and call the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office.

The other scam is a fraud scam involving SBA Loans (Small Business Loans) through banks and the Federal Government. They obtain your personal information and apply on line for a SBA Loan usually in an amount just under $150,000.00. The Small Business Administration is aware of these fraudulent activities and is actively working on them. If you learn that you have become a victim of this SBA scam, please contact the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office at 850-482-9624.

Sheriff Roberts would like to remind everyone to please do not give out your personal information when you are solicited on line or by phone. If you feel you have been scammed please call your local law enforcement agency or the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office. For more information on scams and frauds contact the Florida Department of Law Enforcement at 850-410-7240 or visit their website at www.fdle.state.fl.us.



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