One arrested on theft and synthetic marijuana charges.


On 8-2-20 at approximately 2:20 p.m. an off-duty Deputy Sheriff with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office was entering Tractor Supply when he observed a female exiting the store with a large amount of merchandise that was not bagged. The female appeared to be rushing to get out of the store. At about the same time he observed a store manager attempting to catch up to the female, as well as a vehicle that was parked along the curb near the front door, waiting for her. The Deputy asked the manager if the female had just stolen the items, to which he responded, “yes.” The female entered the vehicle and the two sped away, eastbound on Hwy 90. The Deputy maintained a visual on the vehicle and called for units to intercept it. Two units were able to affect a traffic stop near the intersection of Bridge Creek Rd. and Hwy 90. When the vehicle came to a stop, the female fled on foot onto private property. As officers were approaching the female, she began attempting to eat some money that she had. When the money was retrieved Deputies discovered that synthetic marijuana was concealed in the rolled up currency. She was taken into custody without further incident. A search of the vehicle she was riding in revealed the stolen property, which was valued at $376.21. The female, identified as Tashiana Barnes, had five previous convictions for retail theft, which causes this arrest to be classified as a felony. Barnes was charged with Felony Petit Theft, Possession of Synthetic Marijuana, and Resisting an Officer Without Violence. She was lodged in the Jackson County Correctional Facility to await first appearance.

Tashiana Barnes

Female 34 Years of Age

Tallahassee, Florida


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