No windows installed in new JCFR fire station

    Mark Skinner | TIMES

    In last week’s edition of the TIMES, we updated you on the progress and anticipated timeline for the completion of the new JCFR fire station at Commerce Park. At the Tuesday meeting of the board of county commissioners, Derwin White and Casey Kelly of GAC had told the board the windows for the building had been delivered, they were the correct windows and installation would begin Wednesday morning (2/12/2020).
    The timeline given to the Board members showed installation on 2/12 through 2/21 with work scheduled seven days a week and the windows on the list daily. As of Wednesday, February 19 at noon, NO windows have been installed.
    County Administrator Wilanne Daniels said Wednesday when she inquired about the progress on the building, “I’m being told that the windows are still on back order or something. We can’t seem to get any straight answers out of that
    The Times will continue to update you as progress or lack of is made on the building.


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