Neal Adams excelling in and out of the sports arena

Mark Skinner | TIMES photo

Neal Adams is a rising sophomore however, if you’ve lived in Jackson County for more than a second or two, you’re probably thinking, “Well there must be two Neal Adams”. And there may very well be but this young man is a true sophomore at Graceville High School and is a Tiger tried and true.
Adams is a three-sport athlete and an integral part of all three varsity teams at Graceville High. Adams began playing junior varsity when he was in sixth grade and the coaches knew they had something special in him ‘way back then’. In baseball he is a threat on the mound as a right-handed pitcher and anchors down short when not on the mound. His offense at the plate is as solid as his defense. On the football field, he is the signal caller, starting as a freshman this year at the varsity level. He is a shooting guard in basketball and makes his mark known from the paint most every game.
Adams began sports at the early age of five for baseball before starting pee-wee football at age seven. Basketball came around age nine.
When asked his favorite sport, Adams narrows it down to football and baseball but says he is leaning towards football. His favorite thing about football is, “Being the quarterback, it’s fun to be a leader on the team.”
Off the field, Adams is an honors student garnishing a majority of As with an occasional B in the mix. He is an honor student and a member of BETA and FCA.
Along with every athlete throughout the United States, his baseball season came to an abrupt end. He is not one to cry over spilled milk and says readily, “I’m ready to play this summer”. He has played travel baseball and competed with the Dothan Dragons last summer.
Adams says he is hopeful conditions will allow them to do summer conditioning for football but that will be a decision that comes in the coming weeks.
Adams says he looking at playing after high school and will decide as the years go by between baseball and football. One thing is for sure from observations over the last four years, Adams will excel and be an asset in whatever sport he makes as his choice to move on up.
Adams is the son of Rod and Mary Adams and has one sister, Brianna Adams.


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