Michael Dodgion ordered held without bond

Michael Dodgion

A Marianna man was arrested for reportedly killing his wife on August 4 in what law enforcement described as a gruesome crime scene.
Investigator Jeff Snell with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office said Dodgion went into the home and stabbed the woman to death. It was reported that 68-year-old Michael Dodgion rammed his car into a home on Reddoch Road where his wife and three children were living.
Once deputies got into the home, they found Dodgion standing over the victim with multiple weapons and told him to put them down.
In a bond hearing on Friday, Snell said, “Then he taunted officers by waving the shorter knife in a manner as if he was going to throw it at them. Then basically after that told them, ‘shoot me. shoot me.”
After being released from the hospital for treatment of his injuries, Dodgion was first appeared on Friday, August 9 and was given a $500,000 bond.
On Friday, Assistant State Attorney Bob Sombathy motioned Dodgion to be held without bond until a jury trial.
Prior to the alleged stabbing, Dodgion was court-ordered to stay away from his youngest son and also away from the home for a previous child abuse charge. Sombathy said, “Mrs. Dodgion did everything she could in the judicial system to protect her family and they were worthless pieces of paper to the defendant.”
Dodgion’s attorney argued that he already is held without bond on the prior charge, “Dodgion is held with no bond until the resolution of that case so he is in here without bond essentially on that prior pending case,” said Derek Blount, Dodgion’s attorney.
Judge James Goodman approved the state’s motion and Dodgion is being held at the Jackson County Correctional Facility.


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