Merritt’s Millpond draw down postponed


MARIANNA, FL — Due to the flooding of the Chipola River, Jackson County staff will be monitoring water levels at Peacock Bridge, Spring Creek, and Jackson Blue so that a normal Millpond level can resume without causing further flooding concerns on theChipola River below Spring Creek.

Please be advised that the scheduled draw down of Merritt’s Millpond for September 28th may be postponed by a few days.

Please make sure all precautions are taken prior to Monday, September 28th, 2020 as there will be no additional notice provided individually to property owners on the Millpond.

Public Works staff are working diligently to ensure a positive and timely outcome for all parties involved.


  1. Is Jackson Blue what formerly was known as “The Blue Hole” back in the 1960’s? Born in 1956, l lived in Marianna until 1973 when we moved to Ft. Lauderdale. IF anyone has any old yearbooks for Union Grove High School or Jackson County Training School please contact me.


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