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Marianna Toyota construction is ahead of schedule


For those going by Marianna Toyota on Penn Avenue, they’ve seen the progress on the new state-of-the-art facility being built.  The TIMES talked with David Cumbie and Jorge Garcia this week and they were pleased to let everyone know construction is ahead of schedule. 

When Hurricane Michael came through in October, there was apprehension that work might be delayed due to the damages in Jackson County pulling workers in different directions. That has not been the case at Marianna Toyota.

Cumbie and Garcia said Monday they are optimistically projecting to be in their new building by the end of summer, late August or early September.  At present they are operating in temporary buildings and have become very tolerant of closer quarters for offices. The new building is nearing drying in, with glass installed, doors ready for installation and air conditioning and heating ready to be installed. Once the doors are installed, the drying in will be complete so that the work can begin on the inside walls.

Garcia wants everyone to know that they are open, operating full steam ahead with great deals going on. He invites everyone to come out and take a look at the latest Toyotas and their used cars they have available. As always, Jorge says, “If you can come to us, we will drive it to you.”

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