Ken Granger resigns from Cottondale High School


    Principal Ken Granger has resigned his position at Cottondale High School. Superintendent of Schools Larry Moore has confirmed that he received an email around 7:30 p.m. Monday evening (12/1/2019) from Granger stating he was resigning as principal and that it would be effective immediately.
    Moore said that assistant principal Zanda Warren has been named interim principal while the position is being advertised. He said he had spoken with Warren about the possibility of bringing in someone to assist with administrative duties on an as needed basis while the application process is ongoing.
    The news traveled quickly throughout the Hornet family. Parents openly expressed their dismay over Granger’s leaving. Karen Kite-Beasley summed it up in three short words, “I am heartbroken.” Another parent wishing not to be named said, “Cottondale has lost a fine administrator but the students have lost an even better mentor. Mr. Granger knew the children, knew their background, their shortcomings and their strengths. That doesn’t come along every day in the school system.”
    Granger was recognized in 2017 as one of the year’s nine winners for their annual Principal Leadership Awards program. He was one of only three high school principals state wide. This award recognizes the job a principal does with the dollars he is given.


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