James Watkins is Jackson County BOCC Employee of the Month

    Shelia Mader | TIMES

    Employees come and go with various employers and every now and then one cements himself and becomes the glue that holds the ship together. That could be the very words used to describe James Watkins, Maintenance Supervisor with the Jackson County Board of County Commissioners. At the regularly scheduled meeting Tuesday, Watkins was recognized as the County Employee of the Month.
    James Watkins holds the title of Maintenance Supervisor. He is a diligent employee who approaches all task with a smile and a can-do attitude. He strives to maintain proactive with consistent communication and is highly responsive to emergency situations. He establishes and maintains a standard of excellence throughout the maintenance department while also exhibiting loyalty to the County with a cost-conscious mindset and initiative to keep service costs in-house whenever feasible. In doing so, Mr. Watkins’ pride in maintenance personnel is evident as he encourages their individual skill sets to be applied as often as possible and with great appreciation.
    Following the presentation of his proclamation, a paid day off from work and a $50 check, Jackson County Clerk of the Court Clay Rooks praised Watkins, “Last night we had a pipe break in the ceiling and I called James at 10:30 and I know he didn’t leave until after one and I’d just like to say we appreciate that and he’s very responsible.” Sheriff Lou Roberts reiterated those sentiments, “I tell you we are blessed to have James. During this transition for the sheriff’s office, he has been right there Johnny on the spot. I can’t thank him enough.” Commissioner Eric Hill brought a round of laughter when he added, “I talked with James and he says he’s good for a minimum of 20 more years.” James elected to not comment in return but did display that award-winning smile.
    Congratulations to James Watkins from the publisher and staff of the Jackson County Times.


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