JAIL Report for March 11-March 12, 2023


March 11, 2023

Allen Eustacia, 38, Cottondale, Florida: Violation of state probation: Jackson County Sheriff’s Office.

Shane Griggs, 44, Marianna, Florida: Grand theft motor vehicle: Marianna Police Department.

David Dickens, 34, Malone, Florida: Escape: Jackson County Sheriff’s Office.

Thomas Kern, 35, Grand Ridge, Florida: Introduction of contraband into a correctional facility: Florida Department of Corrections.

Arthur Gilley, 29, Grand Ridge, Florida: Disorderly intoxication: Jackson County Sheriff’s Office.

March 12, 2023

Terrance Baxter, 29, Marianna, Florida: Driving while license suspended or revoked, distribution of marijuana: Marianna Police Department.

Michael Cheeson, 37, Alford, Florida: Possession of methamphetamine, possession of drug paraphernalia: Jackson County Sheriff’s Office.

Paul Waites Jr., 19, Ellersile, Georgia: Violation of conditional release: Jackson County Sheriff’s Office.

Kevin Johnston, 61, Greenwood, Florida: Battery domestic: Jackson County Sheriff’s Office.

William Simmons, 38, Freeport, Florida: Hold for Walton County: Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission.

There are a total of 182 inmates lodged in the Jackson County Jail.


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