JAIL Report for August 5-7, 2022


August 5, 2022

Christopher Baker, 49, Grand Ridge, Florida: Sexual battery: Jackson County Sheriff’s Office.

August 6, 2022

Kaleem Robinson, 29, Marianna, Florida: Hold for Pinellas County: Marianna Police Department.

Keandre Riley, 23, Marianna, Florida: Hold for Liberty County: Marianna Police Department.

Henry Carter, 52, Graceville, Florida: Violation of injunction: Jackson County Sheriff’s Office.

Rylie Bachelier, 24, Grand Ridge, Florida: Criminal mischief, criminal trespass: Jackson County Sheriff’s Office.

Norman Jones, 40, Marianna, Florida: Domestic battery by strangulation: Jackson County Sheriff’s Office.

Lacey Guidry, 28, Thibodaux, Louisiana: Giving false name: Marianna Police Department.

James Rupe, 59, Marianna, Florida: Battery domestic: Marianna Police Department.

Osgaldor Storm, 51, Marianna, Florida: Battery domestic: Marianna Police Department.

August 7, 2022

Thomas Bell, 19, Marianna, Florida: Burglary to vehicle, violation of state probation, possession of controlled substance under 20 grams: Marianna Police Department.

There are a total of 191 inmates lodged in the Jackson County Jail.

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