Jackson County students – perfection

    Shelia Mader | TIMES

    The Jackson County School Board recognized 21 students from nine county schools for perfect scores on FSA tests last spring.
    Elijah Mayo from Marianna High School made a perfect score on the NGSSS History EOC (end of course) exam.
    Five students from Riverside Elementary School equaled perfection on the FSA Math tests last spring. Samuel Bethea and Andrew Law knew every answer in the third-grade test as did Cade Johnson and Theodore Skinner on the fourth-grade math test. Jackson Bethea didn’t let brother get one over on him as he perfected the fifth-grade math test.
    Marianna Middle School’s William Crews knows civics like no other as he was perfect on his NGSSS Civics End of Course Exam.
    Malone pulled out the big IQs when their name was called. Principal Doug Powell had an inside challenge for two of his students and they took it to the fullest. Neither Macy Jordan nor Kaycie Rich thought they could make a perfect score so the challenge was on by Powell. Macy Jordan and Kaycie Rich both had perfect scores on the FSA Grade 7 Math but it was Kaycie Rich who far exceeded that challenge with perfect scores on FSA ELA and NGSSS Civics Endo of Course exam. Not to be outdone by girls, James Dickens was perfect on the NGSSS Civics EOC exam.
    Sneads High School was well represented by Grace Carranza with her perfect score on the NGSSS U. S. History End of Course exam.
    Sneads Elementary School’s Mathyis Kelly took math like a summer breeze with a perfect score on the FSA Grade 4 Math.
    Grand Ridge know math and ELA, just ask the three students who had perfect scores. Logan Bowen had a perfect score on the FSA Grade 5 Math while Tyler Armstrong didn’t miss a single one on the FSA Grade 6 Math. Brooklynn Quick had a perfect score on the FSA Grade 8 ELA.
    Cottondale Elementary was all smiles when their scores came in as they had five perfect scores. On the FSA Grade 3 Math, it was Isabell Campbell, Gage Miller and Mary Preston who didn’t miss a beat. Annelise Skipper notched a perfect score in the FSA Grade 4 Math while it was Gerald Bryant with a perfect NCSSS Grade 5 Science score.
    Mason Welzel from Hope School made a perfect score on the FSAA U.S. History End of Course Exam.
    Congratulations to all of these exceptional students on their accomplishments.


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