Jackson County Schools will be closed through April 15


    Governor Ron DeSantis announced today schools will be closed through April 15, 2020. This information came during the regularly scheduled school board meeting Tuesday afternoon.
    The question was raised about instruction for students while they are out of school. Superintendent of Schools Larry Moore said home instruction would begin March 30. He said this week caught everyone off guard. With that being said, Moore said that teachers and administrators will be working to provide both pen and paper instruction for those who do not have access or have limited access to internet services with online work for those who do have access. With school out, extra-curricular activities continued to be suspended.
    With regard to staff and faculty’s pay, Mr. Moore said, “It is my goal that no JCSB employee misses a paycheck. We will begin implementation of the Instructional Continuity Plan on March 30. All full-time employees will have an opportunity to work during this uncertain time. We still don’t know whether we will have to make up this week or not.”
    Moore issued the following, “Governor Ron DeSantis announced this afternoon the continued closure of all Florida schools at least through April 15, 2020. All extra-curricular activities and school events are also canceled at least through April 15. Jackson County school administrators and district staff are working diligently to finalize an Instructional Continuity Plan to implement beginning March 30. More information will be shared in the next few days regarding continued student instruction.
    Currently plans are to continue the student meals program following spring break and details will be announced. Full-time employees will have the opportunity for work in order to continue to receive their regular compensation. Details of work times and schedules will be communicated to employees.
    Superintendent Larry Moore states, “Our teachers and staff members to providing quality instruction to prepare students to advance to the next grade or to graduate. We are in uncharted waters, as are all other Florida school districts. We are working collaborating with our Board members, and state officials, as we continue to put the needs of our students at the forefront.”



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