Jackson County is going red


    Our country is battling now with so many deaths and positive cases of the coronavirus. The country appears to be content to be divided which has many scrambling to unite us into one country, undivided again. In an effort to unite the United States of America, efforts are underway right here in Jackson County.
    One such effort is to turn Jackson County RED! The challenge is on for individuals, businesses, and all government and medical organizations to unite and place a red ribbon outside their houses or buildings. They can be tied to porches, mailboxes, around trees in the yard, placed on doors or door handles, any place that it will be seen by passersby. This is just one small way we can show our support all those on the frontline of this pandemic.
    This effort is not limited to Jackson County but is a nation-wide drive to unite our country against this battle that we are facing. Show your support and in the words of a song from Tony Orlando and Dawn that was released in 1973, Tie a RED Ribbon Around the Old Oak Tree,” and yes, we will be replacing the yellow ribbon with a red one.
    The TIMES will be making rounds around the county and will be publishing some pictures of those RED ribbons in upcoming issues of the TIMES.


    1. The red ribbons were also asked to be placed on the doors and mailbox as a sign to everyone that the person with this red bow is a believer in Jesus Christ and the red is a symbol of his blood shed on the cross for all of us . It is also a sign and testement to Jesus Christ that we have faith that he will allow the virus to completely stay away from us ,that it will not enter our homes.this is in direct corralation with the Bible in Exodus,Numbers, and Deutaronomy when God told Moses to instruct the Israelites to put the blood over the door and death wouldn’t come to their home


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